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What is an “In the Box” shoot?

You and your family or friends will actually get into a large wooden box.  From this I will create a unique piece of art for you.

Why is this more expensive than a regular photo shoot?

This is not your normal photo shoot.  The photo shoot itself usually takes around 1/2 an hour, depending on the amount of boxes that you have selected and the amount of family and friends you are putting into the box.  

The magic happens when the shoot is over!  When we create your composite image.  The more boxes the longer it takes to produce.  The creation of your “In the Box” composite can take from 2 to 6 hours minimum. The more boxes in the composite and the longer it takes to produce. But you have to agree it’s worth it. 

How many People can participate in one shoot?

There is no limit, however I have only had 5 teenagers in the box at any one time, but we could try 6. 

Can we bring props to match our personalities?

Yes, that makes our job so much easier. 

Can we make a theme for our session?

Yes, we can do Christmas, birthday etc.  Just make sure you speak with us prior to booking to make sure we can accommodate the theme you are looking for. 

Do we have to pay a deposit?


Can we have more than one outfit?

Yes, but not for 4 boxes only.  



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